The bio-based reusable packaging for salads, unpackaged food and food service

Häppy Bowl® - reusable packaging

Bio-based reusable items for food service, takeaway, catering, events, delivery and food retail

Bio-based reusable items for food service, takeaway, catering, events, delivery and food retail. Häppy Box© reusable packaging is a sustainable solution for fresh or unpackaged food as well as cold or warm dishes. Climate-neutral Häppy Family© can be used in a wide range of contexts, including employee catering, takeaways in gastronomy or at food trucks, catering at trade fairs and events, delivery services, or self-service in supermarkets and packaging-free shops!

Create your own reusable system!

Häppy Box© reusable packaging offers plenty of scope for creativity to ensure that you can bring your ideas to life without having to choose a pool system: whether local or regional, individual or communal. Choose between different variants simply and independently. Do you require the small or large Häppy Box©? Or both? You decide!

Take the reusable route - without hidden costs

Häppy Box© reusable items do not entail any additional costs per use. So you can fill your Häppy Box© reusable bowls, cups and plates as often as you like – without high usage fees per rotation. After just a few uses, you will already have recovered the small investment made in your own reusable packaging.

Sustainable packaging - A good conscience to go

Avoid unnecessary waste and contribute to the sustainable use of our resources. Thanks to the climate-neutral manufacture and reusability of our Häppy Box© reusable range, you can reduce your own ecological footprint and that of your customers.

Alongside our Climate Safe 360° promise, we guarantee that our bio-based Häppy Box© is free from melamine and BPA (*Bisphenol A), and will be collected and recycled by us when you no longer need it. Read more here:

Mehrwegschale Icon Häppy Bowl® in Regenbogenfarben

Customisable for professional use

Position yourself successfully and sustainably with your customers as an innovative and environmentally-conscious company. Design your own reusable bowls or soup cups with your company logo or slogan to increase recognition and customer loyalty.

The microwave- and dishwasher-proof Häppy Box© range offers you a cost-effective basis for your own sustainable reusable system!

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