Reusable packaging for large kitchen, canteens, inhouse catering

The Häppy Box©© reusable packaging is the ideal complement for employee catering and in-house catering.

Salads and meals for self-service, immediate consumption or to take away during the break can be perfectly prepared in the Häppy Box© reusable containers. Prepared by in-house business catering, for employee events or meetings. The Häppy Box© is a true all-rounder and can be filled with food up to 100 °C and is dishwasher safe. Healthy stews and soups, delicious Italian pasta dishes and Asian curries can also be taken to the workplace without any problems. Whether curry sausage or vegan specialties – the Häppy Family© reusable solutions offer a variety of uses, for example for company catering or student catering.

Due to the high wood content, Häppy Box© packaging has a natural antibacterial effect, which protects the food, employees and students. Closed with the transparent lid, pre-made salads, antipasti and other cold dishes, such as poke bowls, can also be offered ready-to-hand to employees in the canteen for catering. After all, the eye eats with you!

Whether company catering or student union: with the appropriate logo, every Häppy Box© owner:in also feels part of the company or university in the canteen or refectory.


Make everyday office life more sustainable and provide employees with Häppy Box© reusable alternatives for lunch.

Häppy Box© packaging is a practical and sustainable reusable container and reduces the use of disposable packaging for lunches and snacks while out and about. With different sizes and volumes, Häppy Family© reusable containers can be filled with food of any kind. Ideal for every company that doesn’t have its own canteen.

After use, the reusable containers can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher of the coffee/tea kitchen. Stackable and space-saving, they are ready for use again the next day.

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