For the sake of the environment, more and more take-away providers, delivery services and catering services are rethinking their approach to culinary reusability. The concept of having meals delivered or collected is becoming increasingly important and lucrative.

It’s simple: in the office, if the lunch options in the canteen don’t whet the appetite, people like to order from a delivery service. In many households, the kitchen remains unused in the evening due to time constraints, and food is instead ordered from a restaurant or takeaway service – simple and uncomplicated. These are just a few of the reasons why takeaway food is becoming increasingly popular and an integral part of everyday gastronomy.

For many restaurateurs, however, a big change is just around the corner: from next year, alternative reusable packaging must be offered for orders or services in general, such as catering. Further information on the EU-wide regulation can be found here. Due to the variety of dishes on offer, food services need a wide range of reusable packaging for customers, without causing problems for caterers.

The range of delivery services and catering options is wide: fresh salad creations, healthy stews and soups, Chinese food, pizza, antipasti and pasta dishes, crunchy raw vegetables, vitamin-rich fruit portions, drinks or even an entire buffet. There is hardly anything that cannot be delivered from the catering industry. In community catering in particular, a delivery service can be a real blessing! For private events such as birthdays, food services offer real added value. Business catering is usually even more extensive than private catering. Good food and good service are, of course, obligatory for both. Which brings us back to the topic of mandatory reusability. Get ahead of the game!

It’s as easy as this:

As an all-rounder, the Häppy Box© reusable system leaves all catering professionals plenty of scope for new food creations and room for innovative, high-margin offers with a high potential for customer loyalty. For one or more people, depending on the food and portion, the right reusable packaging in a high quality is available. Häppy Box© reusable packaging consists, for example, of bowls, plates, cutlery and cups. Whether it’s a party service, catering for events or delivery services – food stays fresh and tasty!

By using Häppy Box© reusable items, packaging costs for disposable items are avoided and packaging waste is reduced. If a tray breaks or is sorted out, the material of the reusable trays can be reused for new products through recycling. We call this ‘A good conscience to go’! Become a reusable pioneer and develop your individual Häppy Box© return system. Feel free to give us a call, and we will be happy to help you.

Bio-based, climate-neutral

The production of the reusable containers is climate neutral and without the use of melanin and BPA. When the a reusable container comes to the end of its life, it is simply left to the circular economy through recycling.

Save money and waste

Avoid the unnecessary production of waste and do your bit to ensure the mindful use of our planet’s limited resources. At the same time, you can also save money – because waste is expensive.

Practical and stackable

Simple material: with a standardised volume and uniform tare weight for scales and cash register systems, stackable, resistant to breakage, microwave-proof and dishwasher-proof.

No additional costs

Embark upon your own reusable journey! Without any monthly service fee or hidden costs per filling.

Customer loyalty

Customising your containers increases recognition and customer loyalty. Use this simple advertising platform!

Independent system

Choose the receptacles and collection system to suit your concept, products, location, you and your customers.

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