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Reusable packaging as a sustainable building block in your event concept

In line with the “Green Events” concepts, sustainable reusable solutions are also an issue for functions and large-scale events such as festivals, concerts, city festivals and sporting events, as well as trade fairs. From January 2023, in fact, a new law will make reusable alternatives compulsory throughout the EU. The offer of an alternative to disposable packaging brings far-reaching changes, especially for event organisers and municipalities, as well as catering or event agencies. For them in particular, the use of reusable packaging is associated with challenges that need to be overcome. The factors of time, personnel and cleaning are obstacles for organisers and foodies. By using a dedicated reusable system, serving quantities at the event become traceable. For these reasons, a reusable solution at events must be easy to handle and time-saving for all involved.

Opt for reusable at events too

As a sustainable component in your event concept, the Häppy Box© reusable solution is a break-proof and practical solution for catering for visitors and staff at your event.

All our Häppy Box© reusable items have a natural antibacterial effect thanks to the high wood content. The products are dishwasher-proof and temperature resistant up to 100 degrees. This means that even hot soups can be served without any problems. As our products are recyclable, used containers are recycled and replaced.

Our Häppy Family© reusable range, specially developed for the event sector, comes in the appropriate portion sizes and volumes. The reusable items can be supplied directly in washable Euroboxes if required. After use, Häppy Box© reusable items can easily be cleaned, stacked, stored in a space-saving way and made available for reuse when needed. This results in less waste and ensures that guests, participants and communities will have a positive memory of your event.

Reusable all-round solution for events

If required, we can take over the entire organisation for you! By joining forces with “Team Mehrweg” local dishwashing experts and experienced service providers from the field of reusable event logistics, we can put together an all-round package tailored to your event. You can choose between the services including delivery, provision of the appropriate reusable tableware, digital deposit solutions, collection, cleaning and storage of your own containers. Feel free to contact us!


Design your Häppy Box© with your individual logo, sponsors or other information that could be interesting for participants. Choose a suitable colour to match the event or sponsor and print individual receptacles. This will make sure that your event remains memorable and gains lasting recognition.

Your suggestions and ideas!

We are always on the lookout for new ideas that could expand our reusable range. This is where you come in, because this is your area of expertise. Which containers would you like to see in reusable packaging, or which are urgently needed in your everyday work, especially in view of the upcoming rules regarding mandatory reusability? With our expertise in the field of packaging and your knowledge of the event industry, there is plenty of scope for more reusable solutions! We look forward to your suggestions:

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