Packaging-free supermarkets and delivery services are becoming more and more prominent. Many people not only want to buy organic or regional products, but also unpackaged items if possible. Fortunately, more and more packaging-free shops are opening to promote a reduced-plastic lifestyle. While supermarkets offer fruit and vegetables in particular without packaging, packaging-free shops offer a much wider range of packaging-free items.

“Zero Waste”

With the “Zero Waste” concept, customers can weigh out and purchase food items from large dispensers. Filling in recyclable containers is essential so that the reusable packaging can then be returned, cleaned and recycled again. Tea, coffee, noodles, rice, bulgur, couscous, quinoa and amaranth as well as pulses such as chickpeas, lentils and beans are filled into suitable containers and purchased without packaging waste. More and more confectionery as well as hygiene products such as detergent and soap are also offered as unpackaged items. With unpackaged food, customers only buy the quantity they want. This not only helps to avoid plastic, but also waste. Plastic-free and extensive shopping is now quite possible.

Reusable bowls for filling

What is the best way to fill products in a packaging-free shop? This is where our Häppy Family© comes into play. Our reusable solutions in the form of reusable bowls, Häppy Bowls© and the Häppy Cup© consist of 98 percent renewable raw materials and are therefore particularly sustainable. The Häppy Box© material, made of wood flour and bio-polymer, is robust and unbreakable. Thanks to the high ecological wood content, they have a natural antibacterial effect. This means that many foods in the range can be packaged sustainably, bio-based and on a reusable basis. Häppy Box© offers a standardised, sales-promoting volume and uniform tare weight, perfect for packaging-free shops. The transparent lids allow customers and sales staff to see what is in the containers.

Climate protection and the environment have been our driving force from the very beginning, which is why all our products and our company are climate neutral. This means that we offset 100% of the emissions generated during production, manufacturing, transport and everyday processes. In addition, our bio-based Häppy Family© is melanin-free as well as BPA-free. In the spirit of the circular economy, we take them back and recycle them as soon as they are no longer usable. Read more here: Sustainability

Bio-based, climate-neutral

The production of the reusable containers is climate neutral and without the use of melanin and BPA. When the a reusable container comes to the end of its life, it is simply left to the circular economy through recycling.

Save money and waste

Avoid the unnecessary production of waste and do your bit to ensure the mindful use of our planet’s limited resources. At the same time, you can also save money – because waste is expensive.

Practical and stackable

Simple material: with a standardised volume and uniform tare weight for scales and cash register systems, stackable, resistant to breakage, microwave-proof and dishwasher-proof.

No additional costs

Embark upon your own reusable journey! Without any monthly service fee or hidden costs per filling.

Customer loyalty

Customising your containers increases recognition and customer loyalty. Use this simple advertising platform!

Independent system

Choose the receptacles and collection system to suit your concept, products, location, you and your customers.

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