The Häppy Family© - twice as sustainable!

Häppy Box© packaging is environmentally friendly as it can be used several times; at the same time, it reduces your packaging costs. The material of the Happy Family© is therefore ecologically sustainable and economically sensible. Repeated use of Häppy Box© reusable items reduces the costs and royalties associated with alternative single-use packaging every time they are used.

The Häppy Box© is 98% bio-based, i.e. it consists of renewable raw materials, thus helping to conserve limited raw materials. Häppy Box© reusable items are also melanin-free and BPA-free, and only wood from sustainable European forestry is used. The high wood content of 40% means that the Häppy Box© reusable bowls, cups and plates have a completely natural antibacterial effect. With development and production Made in Germany, we can maintain short transport routes.

Always in the flow: In the spirit of the circular economy, all Häppy Box© containers are taken back by us and recycled as soon as they are no longer usable. You can find more information about this here: Recycling

Natural fibre

The Häppy Box© is made of 40% wood. The wood used comes from production processes where it is left over as unused waste material.


The remaining 60% of the unique Häppy Box© material is bio-based plastic and about 2% additives to create a strong bond between the wood fibre and the bio-plastic.

nachhaltiges Biocompound

The composite material created from wood and bio-polymer is the bio-compound. The granulate is processed into the Häppy Bowl© in an injection moulding process.

Natural fibre

We use wood fibres in the material of our Häppy Box© because we believe that the less plastic, the better. We also achieve the unmistakable look of our bowl through the wood fibres. By the way, Häppy Box© reusable bowls, cups and plates get their natural antibacterial effect through the natural addition of wood fibres.

Here are some more reliable features of the Häppy Box©.

We are as climate-neutral as possible

Climate protection and the environment are our driving forces, which is why all our products are climate neutral. This means that we offset 100% of the emissions generated during production. This also includes transportation, the business, and resources: we also offset all CO2 emissions here, too. “Climate Safe 360°” is our motto. You can find out exactly what that means here.

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