Switching to a sustainable reusable solution is easier than you think! In so doing, you can protect the environment and promote a greener future. This step will also have a positive effect on your wallet. By adopting a Good Conscience To Go®, you can also position yourself as an innovative and environmentally orientated company. This will help to strengthen your bond with your customers, as many people are now focusing on sustainability in their everyday lives. Selecting straightforward reusable packaging offers you many advantages.

Good Conscience To Go

Through climate-neutral production and repeated use of the Häppy Box© range, you can reduce your ecological footprint and that of your customers. Avoid unnecessary waste and do your bit to contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s resources. In addition to our Climate Safe 360° promise (our company and our products are 100% climate neutral), we guarantee that our bio-based Häppy Boxes© are melamine and BPA free and will be taken back and recycled as soon as they are no longer usable. Find out more here:

Save packaging costs, increase customer loyalty

Because reusable packaging is used multiple times, its use creates a real price advantage in a very short time. It avoids unnecessary waste, the disposal of which also costs money. The sustainable use of our Häppy Box© reusable items can also strengthen customer loyalty. Evaluations of test markets show that the use of reusable packaging can increase sales by up to 20 percent! The Häppy Box© is therefore also an economically sustainable packaging solution. By customising our reusable trays and cups, you can also create your own advertising platform. This draws attention to your company and could even strengthen customer loyalty.

Become a reusable pioneer

More and more people are embracing the issue of environmental protection into their everyday lives – we want to support this! As well as offering ecological benefits, this approach is also socially beneficial. Due to increasing customer awareness, the reusable obligation from 2023 also supports waste avoidance: from January 2023, reusable alternatives will be legally obligatory throughout the EU. Whether you are a delivery service, a restaurant, or a catering company, offering an alternative to single-use packaging will become mandatory, with a few exceptions. Only in the case of small businesses (a maximum of five employees and a sales area of no more than 80 square metres) will a blind eye be turned for the time being. But in these cases too, it is clearly stated that customers must be able to use their own containers. These must then be filled. You can find further info here:

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